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Suggestions for Decks & Gutter Maintenance

Most of the problems arise on decks and gutters because home owners do not have much idea on how to perform regular maintenance. We have been sharing such information with clients after the installation.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Your gutter performance will highly depend on the skill who installed it. Hire a professional gutter installer in and around Clark, NJ for installation.

  • Take adequate security precautions for working at height.
  • Make sure that you are not adding spots to the walls of house.
  • Clean the debris if they have collected. Make sure you are not spreading them in the garden too.
  • Do not forget to check the downspout. This is the main part of maintenance. And while you are still there, clean the exterior of gutter for aesthetic reasons.

Tips to Increase Deck's Durability

We all love spending time at our decks or patio. Most of us only pay attention on maintenance if we regularly use them. But regular maintenance increases the durability of decks so isn't it worth spending some time?

Composite Deck Maintenance Suggestions

  • Keep your composite deck clean from dust and other debris regularly. You do not want spots on your deck.
  • If you have stains or spots on your deck, use phosphoric acid based cleaners or citric acid based cleaners.
  • For painting composite decks, you should apply primer first. Apply the paint thinly two times rather than applying it dense.

Wooden Decks Maintenance Suggestions by your Zooguy Renovations

  • If you are using wooden decks you should power wash your deck in a year or two.
  • You should apply stains on your deck to maintain the color.
  • If you find cracks in the wood, use appropriate fillers or call your Zooguy deck contractors NJ.

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