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You might want to check these before Building a Deck

Building a Deck

A deck would surely add much of an elegant look to your garden or anywhere outdoor. But it’s also too tedious and expensive for maintenance and replacing. So you must be too conscious itself at the first place while building deck. There are numerous things that help keeping your deck durable, beautiful and flexible in cost. 

However, if you would be able to apply these steps correctly you might get to add some beautiful and classic looks to you yard. If not these beautifying decks can downgrade the looks of your garden when rusted or damaged.


  1. Select your Decking Materials

Wood is what’s typically used for decking. Wood is a kind of materials that could easily be damaged by weather conditions or insects that destroys them. To overcome these defects, composite decking can be a good solution. They are made of a mix of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic and certainly have much larger life span than normal woods. They might cost you higher initially but would get cheaper by its durability and impervious to rot. They even have warranties of more than 20 years.


  1. Get a permit and get out of a risk of a trouble

Getting your deck build without a permit can take you to a situation of trouble. There are even cases of people paying some huge fines, tearing down their brand new deck or even getting hurt because of a faulty construction. They might even get some trouble while thinking of selling their house. There are certain rules of building deck. You should follow those to get out of the trouble that may surround you after some duration.


  1. Location and Design

You must be very clear about the place you will be having your deck and on that perspective you must select the design for your deck and for that you can choose some design software where you can have a simulation of what you are having in your place. This software can even give you the right list of materials that you can be using to build your type of deck.


  1. You must create a solid base first.

The base is what keeps your deck on place and supports every weight at the top. Base must be build meeting local codes. The depth of the footings of your deck depends on the kind of soil you have in your surroundings.


  1. A Level Ledger

A level ledger is a large beam that is attached to the structure of a home, onto which deck sub-structure is attached that along with the base helps deck to be more strong and durable.


  1. Support Frame are to be Squared

The support frames are to be squared to which all the decks are lain down. Accurate measure of length and breadth needs to be done to properly place the deck.


  1. Choice of Fastener

Deck needs to be fastened to make sure they stay in place and does not fumble while decks have been used. Nails or screws may be of your own choice. It totally depends on you to make those fasteners visible or not.


  1. Space between Boards

Woods have natural phenomena of extraction or contraction by the time. So you need to place them according to default space i.e. 1/8 inch.


  1. Protective Measures at Finish

Woods are attacked by termites. So there are various measures that help woods stay away from those dangers. Stains and sealers must be used that comes in various colors and opacity options. You need to re-apply these at regular interval.



Think about these tips before rushing out to build a deck.

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