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What to Look for in Windows Warranty?

windows warranty

You might know it well what product warranties are for. They are meant to protect customers and consumers from high-cost repair and replacement. Warranties are generally subject to product malfunction or the problems in the product within the time covered by them.  Warranties are available with windows too.

A window warranty is s perfect solution when it comes to saving your wallet from expensive repairs and windows replacements. So, what are the sources that let you know what is covered by the warranty policy of the windows’ dealer or manufacturer? What should be the questions that you need to ask the window installers? Find out here…

Questions to Ask About Your Windows Warranty

Experts highly suggest buyers to ask the questions listed below, to the window dealers, to ensure that the window’s warranty is right for them.

  1. Ask if they offer the  warranty on your windows?

Warranties, as you know, aren’t obligatory. Some dealers do not offer warranties for the windows. When your contractor doesn’t offer any schemes of warranties, you can, no doubt, search for others.  As warranties prove to be a big deal when it comes to window replacement and installation, be sure to ask volleys of questions like this before reaching the agreement.

  1. Know about the validation of the warranty

Warranties differ from brands, dealers, contractors, retailers, and so on. Some warranties are for lifetime, and some for a couple of years. Make sure you find out all the details regarding its validation and lasting duration.

  1. Find out whether the warranty covers all parts

No matter how simple the windows look,  in general, it is actually a complicated and complex system of mobile parts. Only some manufacturers deal with the warranties of the glass, the lock of windows, window screen, and other fragile components. Don’t hesitate to ask about the specific parts of the window that fall under the umbrella of the warranty.

  1. Is labor covered by the warranty?

Chances of the warranty covering the installation cost, which is to be paid to the laborers, are high. Most of the windows and doors installation companies are ever-ready to install a window for you, and even co-operate well, in case of insecure seals and product malfunction.

  1. Ascertain the kind of warranty (limited or full warranty)

As told earlier, not all the warranties are of a similar kind. Full warranty and limited warranty can be noted as two major kinds of warranties.

If your windows have  the full warranty, the dealer will change or replace the whole window at your convenience. Limited warranty, however, is known for limited coverage in terms of maintenance, repair, and replacement.

The points above are basically what you need to know about  if you are all set to get new windows and have paused yourself because of the warranty issues. And yes, make sure that you get a proper help from professionals for top-notch window installation.

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