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Why Vinyl Windows Beat Peanut Butter On Pancakes


When you’ve already thought of windows replacement, I am pretty sure that you know what “replacement window” is. In case you don’t know- replacement window is a window that is installed in an existing window opening, as the replacement of existing window.

Now, it is ok if you’re in doubt about replacement window, but fret not. Vinyl Replacement Windows will meet your need. For your satisfaction, Google “Benefits of vinyl windows” or “Wood vs.  Vinyl windows” and know why you need to go VINYL.

What is a Vinyl Window?

Vinyl windows are windows made up of plastic, i.e. Polyvinyl Chloride. It was first developed in the 1970s to compete with the then costliest wood windows. In the present context, if you need a replacement window and are on a budget, vinyl will most likely be your best friend.

Vinyl window is certainly the  best example of “quality has nothing to do with  the price”


How to Make Your Vinyl Windows Last For a Lifetime?

Purchasing Vinyl Windows is not a process which you would want to repeat time and again. Every homeowner like you should ensure that you are making the most of your windows to avoid the hassle in the future regarding window replacement.

If you want your vinyl windows to be safe from squeaks, condensation, and stiffness, here are some list of to-dos:

  1. Keep it simple

When it comes to cleaning, you always need to think simple. Solution of a mild dish cleaning soap and water applied with a soft cotton cloth can be an aspirin for your headache.  Pressurized washers and harsh cleaning solution like bleach should be strictly avoided. Those items are well enough to create serious and irreparable damage to your vinyl replacement windows.

In the case of sliding windows, it is smart of you to keep the track insert area clean and well lubricated. Doing so will help you operate with the smoothness of the sliding motions of the windows. To keep the sliding window cleaner, a mixture of soap and water is usually sufficient.

  1. Lubricate, at least once a year

Windows are composed of hinges, guide arms, tracks, and rotor gears. All of them can get stiff and sticky with the lapse of time. That makes your windows difficult to open.

To prevent such window disasters, I personally would suggest you to inspect and lubricate the windows using a silicone release spray. Use of light machine oil (3 in 1) on a yearly basis can also be helpful. Use of Teflon spray is suggested for your sliding windows.

A point to remember: You should never spray lubricants or oils on any glass surface-directly.

  1. Be prepared for some adjustments

Bad weather is sudden and it can really have a negative impact on your vinyl windows. So, you always need to be ready to adjust or maintain the locking mechanism of the windows.

In the case of casement windows,

  • Remove the upper set of screws on the locking system/keeper
  • Loosen the side screws
  • Adjust the position up or down.
  • Tighten and place the components- only if you’re satisfied.

If you have sliding windows,

  • Loosen the keeper with the use of square head screwdriver.
  • Then the keeper can be repositioned and tested for the right location
  • Be cautious about the over-tightening issues.
  1. Remove screen during winter

You don’t want your beautiful and durable replacement windows to build up mold on it, do you? Work accordingly if you don’t want such hazards to occur. Remove your windows’ screen during the winter to prevent the buildup of mold and mildews. Condensation is a dominant factor which is responsible for window damage.

You can keep your screen cleaner by removing it first (during non-winter days) and washing it on a flat surface. You can clean them using the same ingredients- the solution of mild dish soap and water. And, yes, make sure the screen is dry before reinstalling it.

  1. Additional Tips:
  • Inspect your insulation system annually to ensure a proper seal.
  • Pay extra attention to make sure that weather-stripping is not painted over.


Wood vs. Vinyl Windows

Let’s compare these two kinds of replacement windows- wood windows and vinyl windows.

Factor Wood Windows Vinyl Windows
Durability Extremely durable with composite cladding on the exteriors. Installation method affects the durability factor. Lasts for 15-20 years.
Price Costlier than vinyl windows Affordable
Design Options Highly customizable, easier to paint with numerous colors and create grille combinations. Limited design options. Costs more for designs like wood grain paint.
Maintenance Maintenance-free if decorated Maintenance Free

Energy Efficiency

Highly efficient-choose low E4 glasses for highest efficiency. Insulation in window’s frame itself is energy efficient

Now, from the above table, critics may deduce that wood windows have got the upper hand in the comparison. But as a homeowner, the one thing that you wouldn’t want to do, before installing windows, is be ignorant about the properties of both the types.

Some major factors why most of the homeowners prefer vinyl windows to wood are:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Great insulating value
  • Possesses the appearance and beauty of wood at lower cost
  • Strength
  • Vinyl resists rotting, corrosion, salt air, wood pests, and major air pollutants.

Other major benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows, which proves that vinyl windows are a smart investment, are discussed in the next section, below.


Vinyl Windows Are a Smart Investment

  • Highly Energy Efficient

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is second to none in the ability to prevent air from passing through. So, the insulation value of vinyl is noticeably high as they are made out of PVC material.

  • Easy to Install

Even the most unskilled person can put up the vinyl windows as allowed by its simplest of design.

  • Durable and Maintenance-free

This is the ultimate duet that every cautious homeowner looks for. Vinyl windows are referred as “set and forget” type by home renovator expert. Scratch, stain, and UV ray resistant, what else a homeowner can ask for!

  • Quiet

It may seem like I am advocating the side of Vinyl windows, but it is true that the R-value of this kind of window offers the highest degree of noise reduction. R-value refers to the ability to prevent air from passing through.

  • Reduce Draftiness

Vinyl windows play a great role on windy days. It blocks the blasts of air entering your house from all directions. Strong winds can cause great damage to your interiors by bringing in unwanted dust and dirt, relocating and breaking things and so on. Thanks to vinyl windows, you can now be safe from such hazards.

  • Add Beauty

You will surely gain more bang for your bucks if you think of replacing the old windows as soon as possible. It is also obvious that investing in window replacement not only makes the interior beautiful, but even makes the outside look elegant.

  • Colors, sizes, and styles

You have wonderful and wide ranges of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from while buying Vinyl windows. Let it be casement or sliding windows, you can choose windows of numerous colors in the size and style that matches your needs.

If you already have thought of replacing your old windows with other windows (not vinyl) then you should really re-consider. Let me know if my tips and words prove to be useful in the comment section below.

Happy Window Replacement…

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