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Reasons Why People Hesitate To Renovate Their Old Houses


Don’t judge a book by its cover. How true can that be and can this statement be applied while making decisions regarding the purchase of home? Our experience says that, it can be applied to some extent. Most of the homeowners do not like to remodel their exterior if they know they have problems which cannot be cured. Most of such problems are hard to solve or are fairly expensive. If you are buying an old house which looks like it has not been renovated for a few year, we suggest you check the following:

 Strength of the foundation

People get attracted to big, spacious houses. Unless you are planning to take down the house and build a new one, make sure to check the foundation. There could be a few signs that show problem in the foundation. A few of them are could be jammed doors and windows, un-leveled floor, cracks on the wall etc.

Wet Basement Pillars

If you are about to purchase a house, you definitely want to check the basement of that house. If there are signs of wet pillars, this is also an indicator for problems in the basement. This could also be a problem caused by the faulty gutter line which can be easily tackled by us.

Problems in electric wires

Faulty electrical lines are another reason for people to hesitate on the home improvement projects. These may or may not be costly but they are risky for sure. It is possible that you may not be able to properly light your garden and your patios if you purchase these houses.

Other Problems

There could be other problems which may remain hidden for the new eyes. These could be the use of harmful chemicals for paints. It could be improper installation of spray foam insulation. The solar panel may not produce desired energy.

If you really like the property and are willing to make the investment, we can provide our reliable service and suggestions to make that place a safe home for you. Feel free to contact us at (908)20-0845.

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