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When Shall I Replace my Roof?


Just like anything roof has certain life span. Proper and timely maintenance add life to roof but this does not mean that it will last forever. There are various factors that call for the replacement of the roof and weather is the most important one.

Here below we highlight scenario regarding replacement of roof:

Missing shingles:

You do not need to replace the entire roof if few shingles are missing. Just purchase the number of shingles of your requirement and get the job done. But, if you witness many missing shingles then be sure it is time to opt with replacement.

Moreover, replacing old shingles with the new ones mean there is mix match of color as you will not get the color of shingle matching the old one. Get prepared for this.

Cracked Shingles:

Normally, shingles are cracked due to wind. You do not need to worry if there are few numbers of cracked shingles. But, if the number is large and are cracked randomly throughout the roof then in such instance we suggest you to replace the roof. This will benefit you in long run by saving your temporary adjustment cost. Furthermore, many cracked shingles signify that your roof has life span of not more than five years.

Witness granules in gutter:

The role of granules in asphalt shingle is to keep sun light off it (asphalt). If it has been more than 10 years of installing the shingles and now you see granules in gutter then it means that the shingles lived half of their life. So, start thinking about it because scenario can deteriorate in coming days.

On the other hand, you do not need to worry about the granules in gutter if you had recently installed new asphalt shingle. It happens with the new one as loose stuffs detach.

Sunlight penetrating the roof:

If you see sunlight passing through your roof then you can easily assume that rain, wind and snow can make their way through the attic. It is one of the worst signs so, we suggest you to identify such loops in your attic at first. If there are lots of such small open spaces then it is rational to replace the roof. In case of one or two you can patch up and check for the leakage and act accordingly. We also suggest you to take decision from the professional roofing agencies like ours for this type of damage.

Sagging roof:

It is such scenario when you do not need to think much and just take the action—replace the roof. Sagging roof is the result of structural problem. It does not mean that you are in real danger but it is right to take correct measure immediately.

Curling of shingle:

Cupping and clawing are the two ways how shingle curl. The turning upward of the shingle from the edge is regarded as cupping whereas middle portion of shingle appears like swelling at middle with flat edge then we refer this as clawing. Both the scenario leads to leakage. In this case, you can assume that your time for roof replacement is approaching near—a year to five.

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