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Spring: Right Season To Replace Your Old Windows


Are you planning to replace your old windows with the new one? Well, this is right time as winter is paving way to spring followed by summer. As a professional, I consider spring as maintenance season for any home and office.

Here below we highlight things to consider while replacing the old window with the new one:

Select the professional:

Do not take windows casually and rely on ordinary people for its replacement. Call professional for lasting and secure result because windows form a prominent part of the home and its (home’s) security directly depends upon the strength of the window/s. If a window is strong, then home is secure.

There are hundreds of professionals who install new window but select the best depending upon their experience and after going through the reviews about them. Moreover, professional will recommend you perfect windows that will last longer with least maintenance.


Once you select the professional now discuss the budget with her/him regarding the project—new windows installation. It is very important part of your project. Calculate all possible costs beforehand so that you may not regret later. Always add around 20 per cent to your figured budget as contingency will give you flexibility.

Choice of window:

The world of window market is full of choices. There are different types of windows like aluminum, solid wood, vinyl and many more.  The solid wood used today does not serve longer as it used to earlier because the woods supplied these days are of commercial purpose and are matured quickly in the farm. Due to this the chances of rot in wood is high.

Vinyl is another option at affordable price. Similarly, real wood covered with aluminum (cladding) is also heating the market of the window at present. It comes painted with the color of your choice from the factory and the color lasts for another two decades. It is a guarantee of a producer.

Relying on all of these factors you can make a choice. Also consider the recommendation made by the professional. Give first preference to that very material of the new window which the existing is of.

Match with the exterior of the home:

Windows play crucial role in delivering aesthetic look of a home. Beauty of a home is glorified further by the windows. If you are replacing all the windows then meditate on this aspect deeply. But, if it is a matter of simply replacing a window then just try to match the new one with other old windows.

Increase the value of your property:

Newly installed beautiful windows will increase the value of your property by around 30 per cent, as per study. Installing wrong windows in right home will surely lower the value of a home. Try to install the same window material as the old window used earlier and in case of difficulty select the close substitute.

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