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The Basics of Spray Foam Insulation- You need to Know


Spray Foam Insulation is an alternative to the traditional methods (like fiberglass) of building insulation. A mixture of Isocyanate and Polyol Resin is put together at the tip of the gun to form expanding foam. This foam is sprayed onto roof tiles, concrete slabs, and drilled cavity of a finished wall.

The task of spraying the foam shouldn’t be performed without basic knowledge of DIY spray foam insulation and some spray foam insulation tips. Moreover, you should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of spray foam insulation.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Basically, there are two types of Spray Foam Insulation, namely- open cell and closed cell foam insulation.

  1. Open Cell Foam Insulation

In this type of foam, tiny cells aren’t completely closed. Because of the use of fewer chemicals, it is comparatively less costly to Closed Cell Foam Insulation.  It doesn’t provide any water vapor insulation, but it is surely a good air barrier. Talking about the appearance, it is more like a sponge.

Since it provides the benefit of sound reduction, it is mostly used for interior walls. Insulation experts have recommended not using this insulation idea for outdoor applications.

  1. Closed Cell Foam Insulation.

This kind of foam insulation is much denser than the previous one. Closed cell foam insulation has more compact cell structure than its counterpart.  Unlike open-cell foam insulation, it works as both air and water vapor barrier. It is mostly used in roofing or outdoor application projects, but can be used anywhere in the building.

Spray Foam Insulation Tips to Save You from Insulation Hazards

When you choose a spray foam contractor for your home or commercial building, there are several important factors you need to consider before choosing the best. Following 10 tips will help you out to be in the safe side from the insulation hazards.

  1. Choosing the Right Product

There are various kinds of spray foam products available in the market. To find good quality spray foam and its kits, you have to research properly. That way, you won’t have to regret later on.

  1. Manufacturer Support

Spray Foam Insulation is a fully functional product which is best when applied by licensed and experienced professionals. The contractors who’ll help you with the spraying thing should be trained on best practices, technically sound, and knowledgeable about all the updated code requirements.

  1. Proper Installation

Improper installation of spray foam prerequisites is an open invitation to insulation hazards. Finding a licensed and insured team to install spray foam, as per the code requirements of the building, should be the subject of your prime focus. Professionals with the extra knowledge to deal with unique design features of home would be a greater asset for your building insulation.

  1. Training

Pros are made up of training. You need to be cautious and check if the insulation contractor is licensed by the manufacturer. It helps you to be sure that they are well trained to match the requirement of the task.

  1. Know the Product

Spray Foam is composed of highly reactive chemicals. Random use of product without proper idea will surely result in a disaster.  The Spray Foam should be installed using protective equipment to avoid any direct contact with the sprayer.

  1. Choosing the Team

It is wise to prepare a list of your queries and curiosities that you can put in front of your contractor. Get to know (before you decide) about the training, experience, insurance, and most importantly, collect some customer reference.

  1. Plan Ahead

A good planning indicates the completion of half of your work. If you are to follow the best practices, the spray foam requires an abundance of time to get applied and cured. Make sure that you calculate the time that you need to be away from the insulation site.

  1. Preparation

The installation time actually doesn’t take long. What consumes the time is the preparation involved to ensure the safety of your home. You got to make sure if the contractor seals all vents, covers every electrical outlets, switches off HVAC equipment and so on.

  1. Find Resources

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) can be a good means to find contractors in specific products, services and areas. That helps you to make your choice easier. Or, there is GOOGLE ever ready in your service.

  1. Know the Process

Knowing the process is an essence if you want to know how well the task is carried out by the contractors you’ve hired. Along with that, you also should have some knowledge on the length of time needed for installation, insulation, ventilation, and so on.

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