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Selecting Siding For Home: Consider Few Things

home siding

Siding enhances the beauty of your home. It is also responsible for protecting the surface of home from external factors like direct sunlight, snow and others. Installing new siding is costly affair so we expect it to last long.

Here below we highlight things to consider before purchasing siding for your home:


Your entire siding project is guided by budget. The quality and choice of siding material directly depends upon the weight of your wallet. Despite the fact, we suggest you to go with high quality material because siding is a kind of investment which will enhance the value of your home up to 30 per cent. Never forget to add 20 per cent more to the estimated budget. It gives you flexibility.

Choice of siding material:

Choosing right siding material is one of the major decisions that you have to make. There are lots of choices in the market of siding but you have to meditate on few other things before selection. Compare one siding material with other and the benefits it delivers to you. Similarly, do not negate the maintenance aspect of the siding. Some siding requires high maintenance whereas others can be maintained once in a year.

  • Find out the common siding used in your neighborhood and assume your home with same type of siding material. If it fits well, then go with the choice. Normally, people choose same siding as that of their neighbors. Installing different siding may backfire by lowering your property value.
  • Consider the climate before selecting the siding material. Always take suggestion from professionals in this regard. Besides heat and humidity, consider prevalence of termites too. If energy efficiency is your priority, then opt for insulated siding.
  • Maintenance is another factor to meditate on. Wood siding requires high maintenance whereas vinyl deserves least. Similarly, cement siding withstands insects and water.

Color selection:

People notice siding at first while observing your home. Besides structural design, the aesthetic look of your home is portrayed by the color of siding. Beautiful siding is a mark of excellence and its color plays significant role in this regard.

  • Despite your taste and preference, it is suggested to consider the color of siding in your neighborhood. Assume your home with same color and take the decision, yea or nay.
  • Climate is a vital factor while selecting color of siding. Light color absorbs less heat and is best for hot climate. Dark shade, on the other hand, absorbs more heat and is best option for cold climate.
  • The color of siding should complement the color of door and windows too. Match the color of siding with the color of door and windows before installing it. If the home is new, then assume the color contrast of both and take decision.

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