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Roofers Clark – Tips for Bowing Doors



When you install new doors and windows at your home, you don’t expect that you would need to change them again within a few years. Our roofers in Clark have found many internal and front doors made of wood with these problems in NJ. This not only results in the leakage of conditioned air and leakage of sound, but

also drastically affects the curb appeal of the entire house. Not just that these problems are extremely difficult to cure but they might also need complete replacement of your doors. Your remodeling specialist in NJ will be able to tell that to you after a quick inspection.

Causes of bowing doors by roofers in Clark

Mostly these are caused by aging or even softening of the wood due to humidity. Mostly wooden doors are great to increase the curb appeal but if inappropriate material is used, you can expect your door to start bowing. It can be caused by improper installation of jamb or flawed hinge too.

Possible remedies by our Roofers Clark

If your doors are curved by a few inches, you could adjust the hinge a little to temporarily fix the problem. Though this will help to close the door, it will not straighten the curve.

If the problem is caused by debris or excess of paint in the jamb, chisel it out and try closing the door. If this solves the problem, probably your door was just about to start bowing but had not yet.

Truss rods, another best friend if your doors are made of pine and the problem in still new. Adjust these to the opposite end of the bow, diagonally. Tighten the truss rod with your hand till you feel the doo is straight, if you can. If this works, it is the most preferred remedy.

There are other methods which may work but it will need special equipments and lot of time. If you need more information or suggestions regarding your doors and windows installation and repair,
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