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Roof Replacement Or Repairing

roof repair

A simple thing pushes homeowners in dilemma—roof replacement or repairing? From professional’s eye, it is not a big matter to worry about but for homeowners it turns out to be a serious matter to deal with. First, the impaired roof severely disturbs peace of your mind. And the second, it is costly affair.

Many people visit to us for roof replacement. But after the inspection of the roof our expert people conclude that it just requires maintenance and nothing much. So is the case with roof maintenance. People think that their roof requires some repairing but its condition demands replacement.

In reality, you can easily find it out yourself what your roof requires—repairing or replacement? Have a sharp observation and derive the conclusion. Moreover, consider following tips while observing your problematic roof:

How old is your roof?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: how old the roof is? Normally, frequently maintained roof lasts for around 20 to 25 years. If your roof has served for 20 or more years, then it is time to replace the old with new one. There might surface a chance of repairing but it is better to install new because this decision will turn out to be saving in future.

On the other hand, if the roof is serving for 10 or few more years, then there is high chance that repairing will get the job done.

Curling of shingles:

Curling of shingles is easily spotted and you do not need to be a roofing expert for this. Curling or buckling of large number of shingles indicates that you are in need of new roof. Loss of its (shingles’) granules signifies that they had lived their life expectancy.

Observe roof valleys:

Falling apart or missing of shingles from roof valley means requirement of new roof. It (roof valley) channelizes snow and rain to gutters. A compromised valley leads to roof leakage. So, do not think about repairing in this case and go for roof replacement.

Missing shingles:

Missing of shingles is common with roof. If you see few missing shingles, then you can replace it with the new one. But if the proportion is large, then it is time to get new roof. Also check the condition of shingles whether they are intact or not.

Check sunrays passing through the roof:

Walk on the roof to feel spongy or trampoline bounce. If you feel it, then be sure of weak deck. This happens due to moisture. Check your attic and find out sunrays penetrating through the roof. If it is abundant, then it is time for replacing the old roof with new one.

Aforementioned tips will surely help you to figure out the condition of roof and relying on it you can set your mind for replacement or repairing. Whatever the condition of roof might be always consult with roofing experts. They are the people who will assist you with everything like inspection of the roof, appropriate suggestion regarding replacement or repairing, providing roofing materials and workforce and many more.

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