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Professional Siding Maintenance: A Wise Act

siding maintainance

Siding protects your home from various external elements. It is also responsible for extending beauty of your home. Installing siding is a costly matter. You do not do it frequently so it requires frequent maintenance as it lengthens life of siding.

It is our experience that people do not pay attention on the repairing of siding. They forget it after installation process. But do you know a well maintained siding is responsible for overall protection of your home from various external factors? And maintenance of a siding is really inexpensive. According to a study, an average American spends just $600 for siding maintenance annually.

Repairing siding is not that tough if you get the job done through professional. Their expert hands will ensure the protection and beauty of your home.

Moreover, its repairing cost depends on various factors like siding material, extent of damage, purchasing of matching material and more.

If you have vinyl siding, then it is suggested to repair once in a year. Tighten the loose piece of siding and get it fixed. Sometime few vinyl pieces get curved and are not fitted back. In such case it is advised to replace with another.

Similarly, get your vinyl siding power washed through professional after summer. This will remove dirt, marks or spots and insects from the siding ensuring life of the protective or decorative pieces.

Unlike vinyl siding, wooden siding requires repairing in the period between four to six years of its installation. Moreover, maintenance of wooden siding depends on the factors like sun, wind, snow and rain and their interaction with the material. If you live in mountainous area, then frequent repairing (in around two years) is suggested. Similarly, caring of wooden siding is must because it has high chance of getting affected by insects. Timely taken steps for such siding will add its life.

Metal is good siding option but it also seeks for timely maintenance. If you see rust, scrape or removal of sealing on the metal, then it is time to take appropriate step. Another common problem with painted metal siding is that its paint gets peeled off. Get the professional for the job and repaint it cautiously. The painting job might be slightly costly but do not take chance because timely coat ensures peace of mind for many years to come. Remember today’s investment is tomorrow’s benefit.

Last but not the least, stucco siding is responsible for delivering beauty of your home. But there is one common problem with it and that is: it is attacked by woodpeckers leaving hole on it. This has to be replaced right on time. Overlooking this can cost you a lot in coming days. So, stitch in time saves nine.

The porous feature of stucco siding sometime allows unwanted plant to grow easily. So, take appropriate measure on time and get professional’s help immediately in this regard. You need to be careful with stucco siding so repair it at least once a year.

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