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Is it Time to replace your Window?


Most people do not notice their windows until there’s a problem. People will start thinking of replacing or upgrading their windows only if it starts to break or drift. Replacing and upgrading your windows can improve the overall comfort of your home and will add value to it too.

According to Home Remodeling magazine’s recent article, a mid-range vinyl window project can cost about $10,000 which means that it will deliver a 79 percent return of investment (ROI). This may vary from state to state, but the percentage of ROI is always higher. So, why not replace those drafty or broken windows and save some energy bills?

Here are some signs that say that it’s time for your windows to be remodeled:

You feel a draft

Poorly insulated windows and frames make it easy to seep in cold air into your room. This will increase the amount of energy required to heat a room, increasing your energy bills.

To know that your windows are drafty, press the palm of your hand against the edge of the window where the frame is connected with the wall. If you feel the draft, it’s time for them to be replaced.

Your windows are old

This is the most probable reason why you will replace your windows. If it has gone utterly out of shape and aged severely, it’s high time for a replacement.

Today’s technology has advanced so much that even the homes built in ‘70s and ‘80s has a lot of opportunity for improvement. Windows options today include double and triple pane glass and expanding foam insulation. Some also have gas fillers that insulate the pane, reduce heat loss in winter and retain cool air in summer.

Your windows are in poor shape

If your home is filled with old and cracked panes with warped frames that are in poor condition, it’s time for an upgrade. It can significantly make your house look attractive. It is even better if you are planning to sell your house. It can significantly increase the value of your home.

Although there may be many reasons for upgrading or replacing your windows, it is always better to do a proper homework to choose a reliable home improvement company to do all your remodeling tasks. Not only will you end up with a better quality surrounding that looks attractive and refreshing, it will improve the value of your property too.

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