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How to Boost Return on Energy Tax?


The Energy Policy Act of 2005 & The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 have propelled the residential homeowners to minimize energy consumption effectively. Under these acts, any house owner may qualify for federal tax credit if & only if they install energy efficient systems like solar electric system, solar water heating system, geothermal heat pumps etc.

With these systems you not only reduce high energy bills, but also have a chance to earn tax credit. You must be wondering what are the systems we are talking about, right? Don’t worry we are approaching toward it.

Solar energy system: It is one of the most common and effectual practices in terms of saving energy are concerned. What you have to do is simply install solar panels with an inverter attached to it. It converts sunrays to direct current and passes it to inverter where it is stored. Inverter converts DC into AC (alternative current) and it passes through electric panel. This way you can use the solar energy into good effects like lighting, charging, cooking etc. Now get ready to see an amazing reduction in your energy bills.


Installing metal/asphalt roofing: If you are living in a state that has humid climate, its best to opt for asphalt roofing that meets the standards of energy star & qualify as a cool roof under federal requirements. You may also install reflective metal roofing that can save you up to 40 percent of energy bills.


Extra insulation: Building insulation helps to prevent excessive gain or loss of heat inside the building. With a well-maintained insulation system, you can decrease the use of heating or cooling systems. Use of extra insulation materials like spray foam can help effectively to prevent conditioned air leak and reduce the usage of energy up to 30 percent of total household energy usage.


Energy efficient doors & windows: When it comes to windows, install energy saving windows like storm windows. These types of windows allow sunlight to pass through it and reduce the loss or gain of heat during winter & summer respectively. Caulking or weather stripping doors also can save your household energy immensely.


Geothermal heat pump: Geothermal heat pump (GHPs) is a heat pumping device that utilizes the temperature of the earth that is just a few feet below the ground level. It uses its exchange mechanism to exchange heat with the earth. Geothermal heat pumps possess the ability of providing warm temperature in winter and cool in summer. Some geothermal system also have variable fans that give you additional energy saving.


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