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Home Siding


Home – The place where you share & pile up the bitter-sweet moments of your childhood to spring up a future dream. We all admire and value the importance of our homes. But as per rules of the world – no creatures whether its human or human innovative creations lasts for long. And the story is no more different with our homes.

In retrospect, there are few house improvements or repairs that not only increase the lifespan of your home but also help to maintain its value & visual appeals. Home siding is one of those improvement services that play a vital role to increase the aesthetic value of your home. And the best part is that it also works as a herculean shield to protect your home.

This blog is intended to provide all the basic info about home siding and the types of Home Siding.

At first, what is home siding? Well it can be defined as the exterior material applied on the walls of your home to protect it from any kinds of dust particles & weather infected calamities

Why have home sidings?

  • It protects your home from any kinds of weather calamities by sealing the joints of your walls.
  • It gives a sound aesthetic value to your home
  • It supports as an aid in terms of future resale value
  • It helps to decrease your house maintenance and repair cost
  • It works as a barricade to stop outside temperatures from disrupting the inner temperature. So, you can be assured of low utility bills


Types of home siding that are most preferred by the home owners:

  • Vinyl siding: Since vinyl siding is composed from PVC, it can come in unlimited form of color choices. Not only it is affordable but also it gives an additional aid to the visual appearance of your home. These types of sidings are widely used in new built or renovated houses.


  • Wood siding: Wood siding is widely known for its versatile nature and can be applied in any kind of homes. To give an artistic value, it comes with different color pallet from which you can select the desired one.


  • Brick siding: From medieval age, brick has established itself as the most essential material when it comes to home construction. Due to its attractive nature, resilience power and fire-resistance capacity, it has been one of the popular siding all across the states.


  • Composite siding: Siding can also be produced by using various composite materials like Fiber, Cement, Aluminum etc. Fiber cement siding is one of the most influential examples of composite siding. Michal Zugaj is a renowned manufacturer of composite products that are primarily intended to give proper esthetic value and protect your home from rain, wind, ants & termites.


About us:

Zooguy Renovation is a highly specialized team of dedicated and experienced professionals offering a top-notch home siding services in the areas of New Jersey. Further, we also render excellent home renovation and repair services.

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