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Home Roof Replacement Tips: 5 Ways to Perfect this Winter


Winter is coming at the speed of nuts. So are you ready for this winter? Have you made your strategy for this winter? The last thing you want is to bang your head on the wall, due to a damaged roof.

Taking time out before the cold strikes its top-zone; I have prepared a list of home roof replacement tips for this winter.


  1. Roof Replacement – Understand the signs
  2. Winter Roof Replacement – How to read the signs
  3. Roof and Attic Inspection
  4. Home Roof Replacement – Choice makes the difference
  5. Roof Maintenance Checklist


Roof Replacement – Understand the signs

Leaks on the ceiling, and water damage are alerts to most of the homeowners that they need a roof replacement. However, there are more than one sign that suggest the demise of your roof. What are they? I have pinpointed few of them.

  • Missing Shingles: Holy crap! Why do I see a gap on my roof? Did “The Ultimate Hulk” land his feet on my roof or what? The reaction can be unrealistic, but the sign is definitely not. All of sudden, if you see a piece of shingle disappearing from your roof, there is your first major sign. Call a roofing doctor immediately and get it fixed, before it starts haunting you in the future.
  • Roof Age: Determine the exact age of your existing roof. Any typical roof lasts between 20 and 25 years. So if you believe your roof has existed from Stone Age, it’s probably the right time to start looking for a new roof.
  • Curling and Buckling: Does your home have slopes & curls on the roofs? If you notice your shingles curling, know that your roof has given up on the life expectancy! Curling or buckling occurs due to consistent exposure of roofs to incompatible weather conditions. So the next time you grab a ladder, do not forget to check for the curls and buckling on your roof.
  • Daylight Shining: Daylight shining through roof into your home is another vital sign that you need a roof replacement for your home. Light passing through your roof gives you an insight that a piece of shingle on your roof have disappeared. So when you pull yourself to attic, check if the outside light is passing through your roof boards.
  • Jammed Gutter: When it comes to Gutter, always be pro-active to have a regular inspection. They are meant to collect rain water and direct it away from your building, typically into a drain. But they also collect granules, branches, leaves, sticks and many other things that fall on your roof. While most of these can jam your gutter, others can rust it. So if you notice your gutter filled with these, it’s time for you to have it cleaned asap.


Winter Roof Replacement – How to read the signs?

We often hear this catchphrase – No one can predict the future. However, with the help of an in-depth knowledge, we sure can predict the future scenario of our roofs.
What are the possible signals that you have to read before identifying the future outcomes? Here are few details on how you can read the signs of home roof replacement.

  • Roof struck by weather-related calamities: Most of the time, when there is a heavy rainfall or a strong windstorm, the shingle is one of the most affected parts of a roof. So it is best to check your roof for missing or loose shingles once the rain fall has subsided.
  • While cleaning your gutter: There is a high chance to get carried away and completely ignore the deposition of roof’s particles on your gutter. After all, you are just cleaning the gutter, who cares about the other factors, right? Wrong! You must read the signs of roof damage from your granules-filled gutter. Now you know what you have to do, don’t you?
  • Distance of your tree from the roof: Planting trees too close to your house can have a negative impact on your roof. It not only affects the foundation and pavement of your house, but also hampers your roof. If you see branches have started floating toward your windows or have grown right above your roof, it’s time to cut them down.


Roof and Attic Inspection

Experts recommend that roof inspection should be done at least once a year. Check for crack particles or missing shingles. See if the tiles are torn off or have it lost its esthetic value. Moreover, examine your drainage system for any signs of water blockage on the gutter.
Have a regular inspection of your roof from the underneath – Attic. Inspect for the possible leaks and water damage in the attic. If you witness daylight passing through your attic, then you have a big problem. While inspecting, make sure you clear all the debris and nests from vents. In addition, inspect the attic for molds, rust or moisture.


Home Roof Replacement – Choice makes the difference

The value or durability of your roof depends on the materials you choose. Different roofing materials have different lifespan. Below are few of them

      • Asphalt Shingle: Cost effective and resiliency are the two features that make asphalt one of the most popular roofing materials in US. However, they have a slight disadvantage over their counterparts in terms of lifespan (15-25 years).
      • Wood Shingle: Popular for its esthetic value and resistance. The installation can be costly, but it delivers a high value to your house. It can last up to 30 years, depending on how much you invest and maintain it. Rotting and splitting are few of the downfalls of wood shingles.
      • Concrete Tile: It’s highly versatile and eco friendly. Its solid structure also makes it a fire-resistant material. A well-maintained concrete tile can last up to 50 years.
      • Metal shingle: Metal roofing is gaining popularity among the house owners due to its durability and recyclable nature. Similar to concrete tile, it also has a lifespan of 50 years or more. One of the biggest drawbacks of metal is the possibility of corrosion. Hence, proper maintenance is a must for metal shingles or metal roofing.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

So you have installed the roof of your choice. All set and good. Now what? Do not make a silly mistake of settling into a relaxing mode. You have to be on your toes every second to inspect even a minor defect of your roof. How can you keep your roof in a friendly condition? I have prepared a checklist that you can follow to maintain your roof.

    • A regular inspection (2 times a year) helps you understand the signs and take proper action on time.
    • Make sure you maintain proper attic insulation & ventilation. It not only helps in keeping the room temperature down but also reduces the energy bills.
    • You want to make your roof deck rock solid so that it has fewer chances of deteriorating or moving.
    • Keep debris away from your gutters and roofs. Debris snatches the moisture from your roof, making the work of molds relatively easy.
    • Flashing should be installed to avoid basement flooding or any kinds of interior water damage
    • Get rid of moss from your roof. How? Dip a piece of cloth into detergent mixed water and just sweep the moss off.
    • Always be cautious of overhanging branches. If you are a fan of DIY, you can climb up a ladder and cut it off by the help of chain-saw. Or else, you can hire a tree arborist to get it done for you.

Roof replacement is not an affordable affair. It is not even an easy task. But if you know how to read the signs and then you will save yourself a fortune!
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