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Home Remodeling-What Not to do


Nothing lasts forever, not even the design on the exteriors of your house. I am pretty sure that you’d like to remodel and renovate your home or building, as per the current trend in the market. For the purpose, you may either work with a general contractor or try to DIY, to remodel your residence or commercial buildings.  Whatever the case, the home remodeling ideas presented here can really be of great help to you.

Go through these home remodeling tips, and save your house from being affected by faulty ways of renovation.

  1. Decide wisely and early

Every homeowner wants their renovation project to run safely and smoothly. The best thing to do for everything to go well is to pre-plan every single activity, before initiating the actual work. A delay in settling upon the correct ideas and styles of renovation may cost additional time and money.

A good remodel professional can talk you through various situations that can come up during the task. What causes hindrances in a renovation task is something very basic like paint and faucet selection. If not planned properly, they are well enough to cause  a delay in the completion of the overall task.

  1. Don’t think and panic too much

Changing your mind too much will strip your renovation project off its flow. It is almost impossible to stay rigid to your decision about the style, color, and faucet selection; however, before making changes in the original plan, you should consider few things. Order and smoothness are  the  things to get affected negatively.

The change may not seem like a major one, but it also adds cost to your overall project. On top of that, what also gets affected is the scheduling. Every associate linked with restructuring should be informed about the changes in the plan, which is again a pretty hectic thing to do.

  1. Don’t buy the renovation materials on your own

It is good to get directly involved in the remodeling task. It is a great thing to do most of the times. However, the idea doesn’t stand correct in this scenario. You may want to take a step forward to buy the required materials by yourself.  No one will oppose you for your initiative here, but you, as a homeowner, need to understand your limitation.

E.g. You may not be so well aware of  the equipment and materials to be used in the process. Even if you do, quality and price is something that you may compromise with. You know, there are people out there, whose business relies on cheating and stealing from the customers, what if you’re the victim. It’s always a good idea to let the professional do their work, but make sure to keep a close watch.

  1. Don’t over-think

There are times when you are in a dilemma, whether to renovate the house or demolish it. Now, a builder will rarely come to the homeowner and say that it’s better to rather demolish the house. In such situations, don’t over-think. What you can simply do is, call a professional builder or engineer to inspect your house. Their decision will simplify your dilemma, all you need to do is be open to their suggestions.

  1. Don’t work with contingency fund

No homeowner, unless he is a pro builder, can make a perfect estimation of the cost  incur during the whole remodeling project. You can only make a rough estimation

What you should understand is- you’re in a good company if the cost you’ve estimated is more than the exact cost of the whole project.  Don’t expect your contingency budget to cover your extra expenses. Plan well in the beginning, pay special attention to the budget.

  1. Don’t live in the home- unless the project is completed

Living in the same house that is being renovated could be risky. You may argue- Renovation already cost me so much, so why should I spend more on living in some other place? You are right in a sense.

If you can’t be away for the entire time, try to schedule some time only, and set up a safe place to retreat when you cannot handle coming to a messy and stressful renovation site.

  1. Don’t be a distraction

Let the workers or the professional renovators carry out their work smoothly. Don’t act as a distraction during the project, as your conversation with them may affect their efficiency while the project is being carried out.

Remember: The renovators may work well if they get engaged in talking. The workers or the pros are paid for their action in the field,  not their words.

  1. Don’t ignore the necessity of the house

What again comes into action in this phase is the planning. You need to focus on how the renovation should go, and take command rather than depending on the renovators. There are no hard and fast rules about renovation, but it would get better when you get to know the house and the project very well. You may ask how, and the answer is “planning”.

  1. Don’t commence without a blueprint

An architect is the one who you need to consult well before commencing the actual task of renovation.  A talented builder or an exterior designer can also be of help. The bottom line is- you should know what you are about to do with your house, and what shape you want to give to the existing building. The whole project would be functional, and have beautiful results, in case you hire an architect, an exterior designer, or a talented builder for assisting you in the planning thing.

  1. Don’t allow kids and pet disturb you

It is well known how dangerous tasks like construction, demolition and renovation can get. Not just the hired pros, but also the kids and pets in your house should be aware of this. Homeowners should take proper safety caution for their pets and kids.


The points from number 4 to number 10 will be of great help if you are a DIYer, committed to shop on your own for the renovation. Moreover, the whole blog would be of great help for a fine and beautiful renovation.  Let me know if this blog helped you in your project of remodeling, in the comment section below.

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