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Gutter Maintenance


Gutters are installed along the edges of roof. The rain water runs through the gutter, and carried off far from the house. Roof leakages or gutter leaks are not something you can ignore. If you do detect a leak in your gutters, it is best to take care of it right away before it emerges as a real problem. Leaking gutters can damage the siding of your home as well as the foundation if left unattended.

Why gutter leaks?

There are debris left over time from trees, high winds, wildlife on the roofs and gutter. Rain washes away the debris into downspout through gutter. Some debris get stuck due to blockage in the mouth of downspout or stick are aligned in a way it doesn’t allows debris to pass through. And in long run, large mass of debris get collected in the channel through which water cannot pass. Hence, there is pooling of water in the gutter. Sometimes gutter leaks can be due to installing at improper angle or loosening of gutter itself or joints, holes formed due to rusting of gutter material.

What happens if gutter is clogged?

Gutters are installed along the edges of the roof. If the gutter is clogged, the water is pooled into the gutter. The water makes the debris heavier and nowhere to go water runs up the roof into the shingles. These causes moisture in roof materials like shingles or wood and rot it. The water leaks can also help grow saplings inside roofs which further damages the roofs. Eventually, water leaks to the attic, walls. This can lead to the weakening of the building structures and at times it leads to collapsing of the house. Leaks damage the siding, decks, door and windows with constant passing of water and moisture. During winter seasons, water freezes and expands forming ice which blocks passages and water goes up the roof, under shingles and over time into the attic and rest of the house.

How to prevent clogging?

Problems of clogging like collection of debris can be easily handled by us. However, you need o be careful while cleaning the debris from gutter. Fixing up a ladder at an even position and balancing your body while cleaning needs to be properly handled. Never go out all by yourself to do gutter cleaning. Always have somebody to hold the ladder steadily and provide help if needed. Gutter cleaning needs to be done twice annually. For the proper drainage test or check the gutter. Install leaf guards to prevent clogging of debris and block water passage. Check for loose joints and rusts. Remove the rusted part from the gutter and replace it with new ones. Check for sagging around downspout and remove clogged debris to prevent water overflow or breaking of downspout from gutter trough.

When it is time to replace the gutter choose the right material of good quality so, that it can meet the purpose for long time. You need the proper materials for the gutter installation. Doing by yourself can be dangerous or sometimes tools may not be available. Installation requires time and precise measurement, correct angle for smooth flow. The joints should be properly sealed. Hire the right roofing contractor or contact us to do those jobs.

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