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Gutter Installation DIY – Avoid these mistakes


DIYs are most of the time a tough thing to deal with. When you are all set to deal with gutter installation all by yourself, you need to be extra cautious. It is obvious that loads of  gutter installation mistakes  are waiting you on the other side, and that certainly wouldn’t produce the result you seek for. So, to not to damage the gutter, your house structure, and not to put your safety at risk, consider these five gutter mistakes you need to avoid…

  1. The Wrong Gutter

When you are all ready to install the gutter, you should have known that there exists variety of gutter materials, styles, sizes, and gauges. Consider the products with respect to their own merits and drawbacks so that you don’t have to face a nightmare. Consult with the professionals dealing with the installation thing and find the most effective, durable, and affordable one.

Don’t forget to make all the measurements required for a perfect gutter for your roof or the house. Assure yourself that the gutter materials (required for installation) you purchase would be able to resist the weather extremities.

  1. Calculation of the Pitch

Incorrect calculation is an open invitation to hazards. The worst thing about gutters is that they look perfectly even but that’s a cautiously crafted illusion. If you don’t know, ditches have a pitch to let the water flow downwards. Those pitches are unnoticeable, yet help a lot to sweep the debris away for cleaning your gutters.

Thus, the mistake of the pitches in the gutters should be managed well to maintain the cleanliness of your gutter.

  1. Improper Mounting Space

Every gutter is attached to the house through the mounting system or other kind of hangers. To make the installation effective, the hangers should be placed with a proper space maintained which in turn would give the gutter a good support.

In the absence of a correct support, the gutters would start sagging, resulting in the collection of water in the lower spaces. Eventually, the whole gutter system would get ripped off. Thus, to send the water where it belongs, the proper spacing of the hanger is a must.

  1. Improper Gutter Location

Physics suggests that the gutter should be a few inches below the edge of the roof. Water drips off the edge of the roof, yet also is pulled back up on the underside. So, the best solution can be the installation of the drip edge under the first layer of shingles. The installation aids in letting the water flow freely downwards into the gutter.

Without the proper location of the gutter, you are always inviting the potential damage of your roof and the gutter itself.

  1. Seams vs. Seamless Solution

You need to get the gutters welded well to assure yourself that the installation has been completed effectively. Always have a good plan before constructing the welds, the fewer the welds, the better the installation. Never forget to focus on the seam as it is always subjected to extremes of temperature, force, and water.

Seamless gutters can always be an option, but you need to know well about that with the help of professional gutter installers. Stay cautious on the installation thing though.

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