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Four Major Deck Installation Blunders You Need to Prevent

deck installation blunders

Whether you’re a Mister, Miss, or Mistress ‘know it all’, it’s obvious for you to take deck installation as a simple task, isn’t it? Considering deck installation as a piece of cake is a blunder in itself; let alone the errors you would make during the actual deck installation process. Numerous “know it all” severely injure themselves in the course of improper deck installation.

In this blog, I discuss  five major deck installation blunders. Go through it, and find out what things you should do, and what things you shouldn’t.

  1. Failure to Connect

Estimates suggest that almost 90 in 100 decks collapse. Collapses, in general, occur when the deck gets separated from the house. Poor installation of the ledger board, which acts as the backbone of the deck, is what causes numerous collapses.

By nailing oversized decks, installers invite disasters. Unlike nailing the deck, the use of lag screws or through bolts would do all good. The main idea is to connect every deck joist through the ledger board, and then, with the house. Thus, avoid the use of nails and make sure that the tools used would resist the expansion and contraction of the deck.

  1. Allowing for Rot

If decks had a mouth to talk, they would have surely told you about ‘Rot’ being their worst enemy. Exposure to moisture,  the temperature of over 37 Degrees Fahrenheit, and oxygen are the factors that call for rot to invade the decks. Not trying to prevent the process is a blunder, which many installers and homeowners make.

If you want a better, rot-free deck, you obviously should prevent those 3 factors causing decks to rot. To avoid rot, you should maintain a half inches fascia between the boards and let some air in. That may not solve all the problems, but would certainly help you to control the rust and rot in your “would be installed” deck.

  1. Discarding Manufacturers’ Instructions

It is stupid to think that you can flawlessly install your deck, without reading the instruction manual. It is a must to follow the instructions, when it comes to deck installation, as it would prevent mistakes and save a lot of time.

Following instructions is a sort of obligation if you talk about ensuring better performance and effectiveness of the deck. For example- following the instruction to use the sister board at butt joints will help you get adequate fastening areas, which can really come in handy.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

You wouldn’t be doing any justice to the installed deck if you aren’t keeping it well maintained. It is obvious that deck’s integration would be undermined when homeowners do not care about maintenance. There are certain things to keep up even during the process of installing decks.

Proper cleaning, twice a year, is an essence that you shouldn’t miss out during deck maintenance. Asking for recommendations with experts can also come in handy in these cases. Homeowners should be well aware of the consequences of under-maintained decks.

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