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Door Installation: Will these Factors help you install the Best Door for your Home?


Door is a significant element of a house. Without it, our homes are incomplete. They block all sorts of unwanted intruders, whether living or non-living, from entering our house. They provide security to our home and keep our families safe. To serve all these purposes, doors need to be very strong. And I am not just talking about the quality of the material, used to manufacture the door, or the kind of door; but proper installation. Both of these aspects contribute to making the doors pretty strong.

When it comes to installation, you’re basically left with two options. Either you can hire Professional Door Installers or ‘DIY’ (Do it yourself). Well, talking in an unbiased manner, both have their own pros and cons. DIY can be a bit cheap on one hand, but on the other hand, there’s always a risk involved- what if the final outcome isn’t good enough? Hiring Professional Door Installers can get a bit expensive, but at the same time, your work is done efficiently. And, most importantly- No hassle for you!


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Benefits of hiring pro door installer
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Checklist of things you want to do before hiring an installation company


Benefits of hiring a pro door installer

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional door installation company rather than doing it yourself. I mean, there’s a reason why they’re called professionals. The benefits of ‘hiring a company’ surpass the option of ‘doing it yourself’ by leaps and bounds. So what could be these benefits? Let’s find out.

Quality over anything
There is a reason why people prefer hiring professionals to get their work done. You need to indulge yourself in months of hardcore training and have years of experience to call yourself a pro. And the door contractors have certainly done their part of homework.

So, with many years of exposure in the field, what do you think the pros bring to the table? Yes! It’s the quality. Your door installation process may require more than mere physical strength, it can require technical expertise like measuring, marking & fixing broken parts of the hardware. Only an experienced contractor can deal with various errors on misaligned door. Hence, DIY cannot surpass the professionals in terms of quality.

Best Door Selection
Before installation, you need to choose the right door for you house. It could be for the internal or external use. It’s tough to judge the quality and resiliency of a door by its outer face. You must have the skills to differentiate a good door from a bad one.

Features, such as the strength of the door, the material being used, the kind of wood being used, life expectancy etc, need to be considered before choosing the right door. Professionals with experience are best suited for this job. They can really help you out on this one.

Letting the professionals handle your work will also keep you and your property safe. Work and hazards come together. Professionals know these hazards well. This is why you want your job to be done by the pros. Since the installers have gone through intensive training in the field of door installation, you can surely expect them to be reliable. Even by chance, if they damage your property, there is always the warranty clause coming at your rescue.

Clean Up Task
Every trust worthy installer commits to leave your premises in the condition they were before installation. What it means is, after the installation is over, they will remove all the debris and waste products, leaving your area clean. You could always talk to the company and get it clearly mentioned in the contract to stay on the safer side.

Quality- check, installation- check, mess clearance- check; the way I see it, you didn’t really have to do a single thing; and here you are with a newly installed strong and shiny door. You will never regret the decision of hiring a contractor.


Steps to consider before hiring door installing company

Now, hiring a professional to get your work done is certainly the right thing to do. But it also can’t be denied that finding a company is a bit of an issue. If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll lose a lot of money. All you’ll be left with is a low quality service and a lot of frustration. Follow these steps while hiring a door contractor.

All hail the King Google
Google has made it pretty easy for people to find things on the internet. All you need to do is go to their page, type your query in the search bar and ‘Bam!’ There you have it, all the results on your screen in the form of web pages. You could do the same thing in this case and let King Google do all the magic for you.

Research the websites
The real pain starts after the results are displayed on your screen. You will have a list of hundreds of websites offering the service. The main thing to do now is to evaluate them properly. Website is the reflection of how professional a company is. Pick at least 6 of them and spend time going through their pages. Look for the services they offer, price, reviews of former clients, and so on.

You could go one step further in your research by referring to the previous customers. Do not hesitate to ask the company for references. Get in contact with these clients and get to know the company. Good research is a significant property of a smart client.

Referrals don’t just include former clients who are unknown to you. You can ask your friends, colleagues, relatives or any acquaintance, you meet at a public place, about the company of your choice. Even the slightest of information or feedback could help you take the decision. Or, ask them to refer some other company, they’ve worked with previously. Get to know the pros and cons of working with this company. That way, you know what to expect from the company.

Better Business Bureau
Sometimes, even after you’ve fixed the company, you’ll have questions on your mind. You’ll still have doubts, whether or not you’re making the right choice! As your final step, just to be completely assured, you can contact Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is the agency that provides every single detail about a company along with its achievements and complaints. Contacting BBB will help you determine, if the company is right for you. So always go for a company that is accredited to BBB.


Checklist of things you want to do before hiring an installation company

When it comes to hiring a door installation company, don’t take things for granted. You have to rise up to the occasion and start asking questions to your contractor. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask anything you don’t know. You’re paying for it; therefore, it’s your right. You are the boss here!

Similarly, there are also certain obligations that you may need to fulfill. Certain things that you need to do before hiring your contractor! E.g.: making this deal between you and the contractor legally sound. I have prepared a To-do-list here. You may want to get through these things first, before hiring a company.

• Contact the Local Building Department to know if your project needs a licensed contractor.

• If yes, find out the license number of your contractor

• Always verify insurance policy, references and bond coverage.

• Check the ratings given by Better Business Bureau

• Have detailed information on your company’s experience & work timing

• Understand the contract terms including warranty and payments.

• Get to know if the contract includes clauses on-time project timeline, quality assurance, penalty criteria in case of damage caused

• Have a copy of written contract and policies

• Find out the personal background of the contractor or other employees

Installing a door can be a heck of an issue if you’re unable to put all the pieces together. Remember, you just need to do the right thing, at the right time; everything else will follow. Follow these steps and you’ll enjoy your time installing the door. In the end, you’ll have a strong door and happy faces.

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