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Materials Used by Deck Contractors in NJ


When you are living in your own home at New Jersey, your roofers here can help to make a comfortable living at the exterior by installing decks and patios. If you contact a reliable contractor, it is easy for you to get the cost and time estimate for planning. However, the materials that you use for construction will have significant impact on the budget. Here we discuss about some popular materials that are used for deck and patio installation in NJ.

Cedar:  You should use the cedar wood to construct your decks if you like the natural wood like texture. The center part of the tree, the heartwood, is resistant to moisture and other pest infestation. It’s amber or yellow color attracts many home owners. Without moisture absorption, cedar wood is almost resistant to the twisting and splitting. To keep the cedar wood in good condition, it is advised that you paint and seal the wood in around every two years.

Redwood: Use of redwood will give you the aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly deck. It can be a bit more resistant to the moisture and decay than yellow pine wood. The similar point in using cedar and redwood is that they need to be stained every two years. Price of redwood will be a bit higher than cedar. The reddish brown hue color of redwood is extremely appealing.

Composite: Composite decking materials are resistant to water, bugs and other detrimental effects. Though these come in different textures and have similar durability, these are not the wooden decks. Composite materials are made of wood fiber and recycled plastics. These can be somewhat expensive than treated lumber.

Your preference of the material, your budget and other factors can help you to make decision about installing the deck. If you need suggestions regarding the material, style of deck to install or our service to install deck and patios in NJ at your home, we are always ready to serve you. Contact us online or talk to us at (908)220-0845

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