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Benefits of spray foam insulation in attic & other rooms



Attic, the space just below your roof can be more comfortable without having to raise your utility bills. It is just normal to have a higher temperature in the attic but this can be controlled by using spray foam insulation. An experienced team will get it done properly to prevent the leak of your conditioned air and also resist the transfer of heat from the roof to inside or the attic to outside.

Though, a general perception stands that attics should be ventilated, what good is ventilation if the attic itself becomes useless due to excessive cold or heat? Here are a few benefits of spray foam insulation apart from thermal insulation.

Increased value of home

Definitely installing the spray foam insulation at your home will increase the comfort of living in. But, there is another aspect to that. No one knows what lies for them in future. If you ever think of selling your house and moving to other location, your potential buyer will definitely be impressed with you for using this. You can easily gain interest higher price paying buyers.

Sound Insulation

If the foam can stop leakage of conditioned air, isn’t it just logical to say that it will prevent sound too? The good news is, installation of spray foam insulation will add a layer for sound insulation too. Your noisy neighbors will not be able to trouble you with their loud music and midnight parties. How cool is that?

Reduced Utility Cost

Having to use your utility energy for conditioning air inside your house is costly. Many homeowners have realized that and have been able to reduce the cost by installing spray foam insulation. As foam fills cracks on the walls and attic from where the air leaks, conditioned air remains inside. This helps to keep the inside home environment constant on your thermostat.

No air or water leak

As the air leak increases your utility bills, the water leakage invites more of such problems. One of them is definitely the harm on foundation. Water leakage also helps in mold buildups. Are not we all aware of the mold problems?

Since spray foam insulation is a permanent solution to all of the above mentioned problems and even more, we highly recommend our clients to benefit from this. Feel free to contact us for inquiries and services related to spray foam insulation. Dial (908)220-0845

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