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A Deeper Look at Home Siding Options


Home Siding A.K.A Wall Cladding is a form of boards or shingles that utilizes the application of exterior materials on the walls. It is applied to protect the walls from adverse effects of weather. A well-maintained siding can not only help the house on a long-run but also boosts the resale value. To know about how you can boost the resale value, go through our previous blog— Tips to increase house resale value.

Based on viable functions and styles, you can find various sidings in the market. However, each of the siding options carries its merits and demerits. In this blog, I will highlight the four foremost siding options and spot what they have to proffer the house owners.

1. Wood Siding

A great poise between durability and aesthetic value makes wood siding a choice worth considering. However, it thrives upon periodic maintenance like painting and caulking. Liquids can easily enter wood, so it is vital that a barrier is installed between the structure and siding.

Tips: Solid woods and hardboards like redwood and cypress standup well to bacterial and fungal decay. It also resists harmful effects of weather effects, termites and insects.


2. Aluminum Siding

Aluminum sidings’ striking point is its low maintenance factor. Unlike wood siding, this type of siding requires minimal care and maintenance. With a textured or smooth finish, even aluminum can give a cool look to the house. However, the paints have a tendency to chip off; hence, it requires to be coated numerous times.

Tips: It cannot beat the natural gradual degradation process. After 15-20 years, aluminum siding does not look the same even if you hose-down and scrub several times.

3. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding, used effectively for shedding water and weatherproofing. If you are a homeowner looking for low cost and easily installed siding option, vinyl siding is the best option. However, the biggest drawbacks of this siding are its feasibility toward cold weather. It has the propensity to impact damage and random cracking.

Tips: Today’s vinyl companies have turned the outlook of vinyl sidings like never before. They can stand against heavy wind attacks and do not have problems of rot or dent. However, it has a tendency to brittle in extreme cold weather.

4. Brick Siding

The focal point of brick siding is its attractive appeal and durability. Under normal conditions, it can last for an eternity with a sporadic wash with a hose. A casing is mounted between brick veneer and the structure, to avoid water penetration.

Tips: True bricks and stone materials are distinguished as maintenance-free. However, loose mortar joints require occasional care to avoid structure failure.


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