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5 Solar Installation Tips Your Teachers wouldn’t tell you


Solar energy is what the world’s demanding in the present context. It is the one thing that maintains the balance by fulfilling our energy needs on one hand, and, on the other hand, helping us conserve the environment. It’s not expensive, it’s eco-friendly, and all you need to do is install a system in your home.

So, are you thinking of solar panel installation? Don’t be late and get the best home solar panels system installed today.

Now, there are certain things you might want to consider before and after the solar module installation. They are well explained here.
1. Tips for buying solar power system
2. General Solar Power Installation Tips
3. Tips to Maximize Solar Energy Systems

Tips for Buying Solar Power System

You cannot start the solar module installation process unless you’ve got it right. Since you’re installing the system to save electrical energy you consume, it is essential to get/buy the best solar power system- that lasts longer.

The first tip (that I’m not explaining below since I didn’t feel it was required) is that you shouldn’t get carried away by the extravagant advertisements you see all around you. Other major tips are explained hereby.

1. Recommendations

Ask friends, relatives, neighbors and those who already have the panel installed in their home. They can help you with the additional tips. You can also aware yourself about the problems they faced during the installation process, so that you are able to avoid them.

You can also learn about the solar panels you are about to buy on the consumer’s guide available in the showroom itself.

2. Length of Manufacturers’ Warranty

Take note of what warranties and guarantee the manufacturers of the panel offers you. Since you are about to replace or reduce the use of electrical energy, it is better to choose the solar module with good warranty period and servicing.

Don’t forget to be a brand cautious customer while purchasing the panel.

3. Realistic Price Expectations

You may get poor equipment required for the installation if you are paying substantially less amount than other smaller systems quoted. You should have the expectations of the quality as per the price you pay (not always though).

Comparing components and warranty periods of several companies will help you find the best eventually. Don’t forget that some companies reduce the cost by cutting some important corners of the whole system.

4. Solar Panel Certifications

Purchases which may attract government rebate should focus on solar panel certifications. The type of testing done and the quality standard passed by the equipment are indicated by the certification of solar panels.

Since most of the certification types are self-assessed, you need to rely on the companies being honest on what they claim.

5. Types of Solar Panels

Two trending kinds of solar panels are mono-crystalline solar panels and thin film panels. In case you have limited space on the roof, you would need highly efficient mono-crystalline panels.

Most significantly, you need to consider panel sizes vs. output vs. the space available on your roof while buying the panel.

6. Solar Panel Mounting

Next thing you need to be clear before spending money on the solar panel system is ground mounting or tracking system. You need to make sure if ground mounting or tracking system is engineer certified.

Remember: Quality system is wind certified. Make sure that you ask about wind certification and warranty arrangements as per the place you live and get the copies of all the relevant documents.

7. Solar Inverter Efficiency

Efficiency of the inverter will leave a direct impact on the amount of time a system takes to pay for itself. SO, you need to check the working ability of the inverter before purchasing the required components and appliances.

The inverter with higher efficiency is better for your home as less electricity will be wasted during the conversion of DC to AC.

8. Solar Quotes

It is always wise to collect some quotes when you make a major purchase like solar installation equipment. Wide and deep range of competition between lots of companies has made the consumers too much easier to find the best most effective solar installation companies.

You need to be aware that the companies may wind up costing you more in the context of long term reliability and efficiency.

Friendly Tip: All of the vendors have price to watt comparison matrix available for all the solar panel products. You shouldn’t forget to ask for the price vs. efficiency comparison matrix before deciding which panel system to take back home. Doing so enables you to get the best solar panel system for home.

General Solar Power Installation Tips

After you purchase the best solar panel modules and every required appliance, it is time to get the panel installed in a proper and effective way.

Following are some general go to solar panel installation tips that will come in handy if implied with greater effect.

1. Identify and plan the location

The first and the foremost thing to consider before installing the solar panel is identifying and planning the location. Solar panels can be installed as a standalone unit or basically on the rooftop or the top of the building.
If your home has additional space in front and back, it is good for you to plan for a pole mounted solar panel.

Considering Solar Shingles as your rooftop is a great idea if you have planned to remodel your roofing panel.

2. Think about the sunlight

Not to forget, the solar panel should get or face the direct sunlight between 10 am and 3 pm on any day. Obstruction and Shades, or shadows, with a potential to overcast the panels should be properly managed before the complete installation of the panel.

You need to make sure that the panels are positioned in the best place to get the direct sunlight. Doing so helps in optimization of energy possessed by the panel.

3. Consider the type of panel

If you do not want to replace the existing roof or change anything structurally in the days to come, you may need to consider thin film solar panel installation. This actually should be considered while buying the panel.

Installation of thin solar panel won’t incur any supporting structure. You can roll those sorts of panels like a carpet on the top of the roof.
Remember: You need to consider the weight of the panel if you are inhabitants of snowing areas.

4. Consider the sunlight

If the direct sunlight for continuous period of time is a challenge in the place you are currently living, it can be an even bigger challenge for you to install the panel. In such cases, you need to think about installing triple junction laminated panels.

Usually, triple junction laminated panels respond to three different set of light frequencies which ranges from early morning to late evening. This system suits those homes which faces direct sunlight challenge.

5. Solar Panels vs. Solar Shingles

The next decision making point you come across is- Solar panel or Solar shingles. As told earlier, you shouldn’t hesitate to install shingles if you are planning to replace or remodel your roof, as a part of your home renovation project.

Use of solar shingles (for the whole rooftop) is also a better idea if you are building a new home.

Tips to Maximize Solar Energy Systems

Now, assume that you’ve got the solar panel installed in the best way for your home. Everyone wants to maximize the outcome produced by the system, right? To meet the purpose, here are some of the tips, well explained below.

1. Professional Installation

Don’t try to save your money by installing the panels by yourself, they won’t last long. Installing expensive solar panels incorrectly will certainly cause a lack of energy absorption.

Professional installers know the most appropriate ways to install and place the solar panels. If you want to make the solar system work, with higher efficiency, their knowledge and expertise should be properly utilized in every possible situation.

2. Placement

As stated earlier, the panel should be exposed to sunlight for better performance. The panel thus needs to be placed where it can receive optimal sun exposure from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Professional installers can help homeowners like you to decide the perfect place to position the shingle or the solar panel. What you need to keep in mind during the placement is- installing solar panels somewhat alters the look of your house but it is ultimately beneficial to both the user and the environment.

3. Wattage

Before deciding the amount and the size of the panels, it is a must for homeowners to do the math regarding wattage needs. Calculation of wattage should be based on energy needs, during the month (or a certain period of time), considering the highest probable demand and the level of sunshine.

4. Insulation

Insulated doors and windows are the essence to keep the generated energy inside. Insulated doors and double paned windows don’t let the energy get wasted on the outside.

Even with a little amount of planning and a serious concern, energy can easily be saved and kept inside the home. Opening and closing of doors can release a great deal of heat which no homeowner wants. You can limit your trios outside to keep the generated heat inside of your house.

5. Maintenance

Homeowners should ensure that the panels installed are well maintained. To provide the optimal results, panels should be examined on a regular basis. Regular examination of the panel makes sure that the panel is still secured and cleaned.

Cleaning the snowy areas, trimming the trees which may hinder the direct sunlight to the panel, and other stuffs should be considered for proper optimization of the solar panel and its installation.

The 3 points to be considered, which are well explained above, will really come in handy- to buy the perfect kind of panels, install the panel in the most appropriate way, and optimize the solar energy system. I hope the writing will certainly be helpful for the homeowners who have thought of replacing (wholly or partially) the electrical energy with solar energy system.

Keep on sharing, let your friends and relatives, neighborhoods and surroundings know about the perfect replacement options of electrical energy

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